I’m sorry if the church hurt you

gabrielmachucadoIn 2013, I was walking through the streets of Chicago doing some evangelistic ministry with some friends in partnership with a local church when I decided to approach a lady and asked if I could pray for her. In a very friendly way, she told me that everything in her life was fine. But I felt the need to ask for forgiveness.

“I want to ask you forgiveness on behalf of the church”, when I realized these words slipped out from my mouth.

She was really surprised.

“I feel that you have attended a church but you got really hurt over there because of some relationships issues and also because of the controlling environment that you found.”

She confirmed what I just told her. And added that her routine was just crazy and that became an excuse for her not to attend the services and not to get involved in the ministry. But at that moment, I felt that something changed and that God was bringing restoration and peace.

I started writing this article because, for a while, I am getting annoyed and sick of seeing so many people getting hurt because of the church. If you are not a person in this position right now, maybe you know someone who is. So that’s why I want to apologize on behalf of the church, as someone who just loves people and who believes that together we can make a difference as a community.

“But I am the Church. I have relationship with God. And that is all”, you might say.

Yes, you are the Church. But if we are really looking forward to grow as the body of Christ, we need some perseverance to walk in unity with each other and this is not always easy.

I am not saying that you must go back to the place you were attending before. But if you are willing to grow in faith, you need some consistency. To give up in the middle of each adversity or crisis means that you are not walking in faith but by the circumstances. And this is the complete opposite of what we believe, right?

“But you don’t know what they did to me”, you might say.

The enemy is the one who is always trying to make you feel hopeless and victimized, that’s why you must position yourself in faith. It’s your responsibility to accept or not, the situation that you find yourself in. Always remember: the Holy Spirit lives inside of you and can empower you to see every situation by the lens of the Father. You are not a poor victim of anybody. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

I believe that you have a call and a destiny, that God has given you awesome gifts and amazing talents that must be developed so that His glory may be manifested through your life! I believe that you have a treasure hidden inside of you that will impact many people’s lives and make a difference. You have an incredible purpose and God wants to lead you way further than you could ever imagine.

So, please, I am sorry if the church hurt you. I really didn’t want for that to happen. And I believe that nobody has the real intention to do you any bad because God is love. So I pray that may we grow in His love and may it increase in our way to relate with each other, learning how to communicate our hearts even better to our family, friends and leaders.

May this become a time for a new beginning! And to advance!

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